“Engineering and digitising real life human experiences”

Do You Wonder…

how you can create the ecstasy of dancing together at a virtual festival?

Do You Wonder…

how you can facilitate meaningful one-to-one connections serendipitously at a virtual conference?

Do You Wonder…

how you can re-create elated playground joy during online classes?

Our Services

UX Design

We have a very simple approach to user experience design. We wonder why and we wonder how…then we develop intimate online human centric experiences


We manage the online production end to end. We can confidently execute virtual events for up to 100k people across multiple time zones and days

Workshops & events

We believe part of your journey to create a better digital future is to educate on the huge potential of empathic online human experiences and it’s future impact

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a future where our digital experience enhances our true human potential. Our mission is to create online experiences that upgrade and empower humanity. We do that, by carefully designing empathetic human journeys – always connecting, reflecting and enhancing. We believe in working together on projects, therefor saving time and resources to make projects come to life in the best way possible.

Wonderland Blogs

We Wonder Why and How?



What Our Clients Say

I could pour my heart out and be vulnerable in front of hundreds of people at your virtual event

Gloria Chan

The networking space was the highlight of the whole event. Perfectly crafted and engineered.

Yossi Vardi, Kinnernet Festivals

If you Wonder too…

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