Join us for a new kind of Happy Hour

Connecting at work is hard right now. Let us help your company get back in touch.

We offer a menu of creative and playful team building experiences to increase morale and boost motivation

Why Try Virtual Happy Hour?

1. Help your team feel more connected

2. Create a culture of innovation and creativity

3. Improve efficiency and productivity

4. Teach strategies to feel comfortable in virtual meetings

5. Allow space for new employees to build relationships

The Session

-Facilitated discussion with playful prompts

-Creative exercises to get participants in their right brain

-Fun breakout room activities to connect smaller groups

-Guided one on ones to establish a deeper sense of closeness

-Special games and movement to get participants out of their heads

-Structured group sharing to build trust

Our facilitators foster and cultivate an incredibly supportive environment that is sure to have your employees feeling free, loose, and motivated with some much needed laughter and smiles.

“My employees were creatively blocked. Happy hour helped curate a super fun and non-judgemental environment for my team to unlock their most talented selves” – Austin, LinkedIn

“I’m a new hire at a large tech company and found it hard to connect with my new coworkers. Happy Hour gave me a chance to meet my new co-workers in an easy, playful, and meaningful way.” – Jeff Sontag, Tala

Let us create a new experience for your next team building event

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