The Networking Room

The new way to network at your virtual conference

We are a plug and play virtual bar offering facilitated immersive activities as our menu for your virtual conference

Why The Networking Room?

Help your guests broker real relationships

-Entertain with fun and playful interactive activities

Have a full time concierge to give guidance and answer questions in person

-Energize your event after long speaker streaming sessions

-Create valuable business connections for attendees

Imagine us as a pre-pandemic bar. We are the grand entrance to your conference, welcoming everyone to the event. We make you feel comfortable and at ease so can you stay or come back at any time to meet new people.

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What Our Participants Say:

“I made more LinkedIn connections following the event than in any other virtual event I have ever been to.” – Yaron Haklai, Intel

“The Networking Room is THE place to relax and refresh during a conference.” – Brad Tempelton, tech wizard

“It was like the real life equivalent of meeting new friends in line for drinks with the bartenders leading the conversation. I stayed there all night!” – Jeff Sontag, Tala

Let us help you create the best networking space for your virtual conference

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